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Research & Analysis

The only way you know how it will take you to achieve rankings is to analyzing your competitors' keyword.

Without the proper tools and understanding, data is impossible to decipher. Spending time researching ranking keywords ensures that you have the resources needed to achieve results.

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Pay Per Click

Making sure that budget allocation is in-line with demographic targeting must be an initial consideration.

The keyword that is most relevant to your business could be cost $50 / click. Unless you have a $10,000 per month budget, the chances that you will maximize your budget is very unlikely. Breaking down each keyword with a cost / benefit analysis is exactly how we ldetermine what creates the best "bang for your buck.”

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Search Engine Optimization

Choosing the right organic keywords is one of the most important decisions to make within your SEM budget.

Determining keyword ideas from your current website and those of your competitors helps to shape the online space in which you perform search measurements that are the most effective. . The up-front research can sometimes be extensive, but the end result makes this analysis essential to achieving rankings.

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Local Search

The best way to attract local consumers is to carefully analyze which social profiles to leverage for long-term growth.

Picking the right social profiles for your business without leaving any out or including too many irrelevant ones will ensure enough focus is spent on optimizing, updating and pointing consumers towards these platforms.

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“Thank you for creating an unbelievable website for my landscaping company. I’m amazed at the fact that when I search for landscaping and other specifically targeted keywords, my site pops up on the first page of Google multiple times and #1 on a lot of searches. You also took everything I wanted to say to my potential customers and incorporated it into the site. The marketing you provided has played a major role in our recent success.”

Jim – JR’s Creative Landscaping


Utilizing multiple-sourcing data and databases that update within 24 hours, LLT SEM is able to secure the most accurate analytics that relay real-time leads, trends and opportunities. This translates to more accurate results and faster lead times.


Our proprietary reporting software works to combine and analyze the data in new ways to help visually display the most crucial factors of both SEO and PPC campaigns. Better reports means a better business understanding.


The analytics of a campaign are no good if you cannot measure the ROI. We make sure that clients understand where their leads are coming from (call-ins, contact forms, social sites) and why. Working in conjunction with our team, ensures that lead sources are seamless.

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